Possible Causes Of Solicitor Negligence Claims

Solicitor negligence can take a number of forms but if it ultimately led to you suffering some form of less you may have the right to submit a claim for compensation from your original solicitor. In the case of private injury solicitor negligence, this usually means that you are able to claim compensation so that you would be in the same financial position as you would have been if your solicitor had given sound advice or taken the appropriate actions.

Submitting Solicitor Negligence Claims

One of the most common types of solicitor negligence is that of missing limitation dates. In the majority of cases, you have a period of three years from the date of the accident to first submit a claim for compensation. If your claim is submitted after this date, then it is likely that the courts will dismiss it and refuse to hear it. If your solicitor was the one that was responsible for missing this time limit, and it can be proven, then you should be able to claim compensation for the full amount that you would have received in compensation.

Another common complaint is that of under-settling. In order to try and pay less, speed the process up, or avoid enduring the bad publicity that can accompany a personal injury claim, the original defendant may make a financial offer of settlement. It is the responsibility of your personal injury solicitor to advise you whether or not to accept this offer, and if they have advised you to accept too low an offer, then you may have the right to financial compensation.

It is even possible that your solicitor attempted to bring action against the wrong party, as unlikely as this may seem. This could happen because of a case of mistaken identity or, as has been the case with asbestos related industrial illness cases, because the company that the claimant worked for has been taken over by one or a sequence of other organisations. This may mean that your compensation claim was unsuccessful, and it could subsequently mean that you are unable to level a claim against the responsible party, and this means that you could be entitled to compensation on the grounds of solicitor negligence.

Essentially, if your solicitor took any action or provided any advice to you that turned out to be inaccurate, incorrect, or caused some kind of financial loss on your part, then you could have a case to claim compensation. If you have suffered injuries in an accident, and then lost out financially because of negligence on the part of your solicitor, it can be a bitter pill to swallow, but there is action that you can take.

A poor quality service, in itself, is not usually enough to claim compensation, unless the quality led to loss. If the case goes to court, it will be necessary to prove that negligence occurred, that the action was indeed negligent, and that it led to financial loss. If you are unable to prove all of these factors, then your claim is unlikely to be successful.

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