During the summer thoughts turn to easy poolside days and falling into the water to cool off. But it’s also a time when would-be swimmers in colder climes think about attending a swim camp. These camps are not limited to nice summer weather, though. Many are available year-round and exist to simply swim better. At the end, something will be different about the way swimmers swim. If they are serious swimmers maybe they will perfect the turn that shaves of a precious half second.

If they want to make the swim team, maybe they manage to synchronize the head turn and breathing in the crawl. If they are new to it all, maybe this is the time they swim with zero float devices for the first time.

swim camps

No matter what level they start at, by the end of the swim camps swimmers have achieved something.

Many kinds of camp

Often a camp will focus on children. Swim camp might mean a week of afternoons at your local pool. It might be a week’s residential camp at a university with an Olympic sized pool and serious trainers and swimmers to help out.

The first thing is to find out what sort of swimming camp would be the best. The school sports teacher can give some guidance on the best sort of camp.

Is it just for kids?

Lots of swimming clubs have realized that adults want to improve their swimming skills. People who have decided to do a triathlon need to learn how to swim properly and use the arms rather than the legs which have a couple of large challenges ahead of them.

Swim camps for triathletes will focus on technique, conserving energy and distance. Getting the swim correct is probably the most difficult element of a triathlon – as most athletes come from running side.

Swim camps are specific and dedicated to swimming better than ever.