The Bangalore Metro – A Real Estate Game-Changer

There is no doubt about the benefits that the metro trains have in a city. Had Kolkata been a robust economy like Mumbai, it would have exhibited how important the local metro trains are. The city after all- is the home to the oldest metro train system in India. That being said, the success of the metro can best be judged from its operations in Delhi. It has transformed the way commuting happens in the national capital region. It has helped bypass the traffic jams and snarls to help commuters travel in comfort. Most importantly, it helps save a lot of travel time. Due to the presence of the metro, many organizations in the NCR region have dropped their shuttle services. The companies save costs and the commuters are not complaining.

Therefore when it comes to a city like Bangalore, metro would indeed be a major game changer. The establishment of the metro line would not only benefit commuting but also would enhance the value of propertiesin the city.

The need for the metro

The city of Bangalore is experiencing a major side effect of overall development. This side effect has presented itself in the form of traffic snarls which are choking the city anyway. Bangalore was the garden city- a relatively small city when compared with Delhi or Mumbai. It was the hub of research companies and the IT sector evolved from this orientation towards experimenting with the unknown. However ever since the city has become the biggest hub of IT sector in the country, it has become a huge urban agglomeration which probably is twice the size of Bangalore city- or even more.

This growth was too fast to change the infrastructure of the city accordingly. The Garden city was used to a tranquil life and the governance did its best to accommodate the rising population. While the real estate sector bloomed, the roads quite did not. Today, Bangalore is one of the most crowded cities among the numerous metropolitans. The city experiences traffic jams and slow commuting on a daily basis. In a city that thrives on technology and related jobs, commuting delays are plain silly.

This is where the importance of Bangalore metro towards real estate in Bangalore comes in.

The metro and its impact

Once the metro network is extensive in the city, it would automatically become a preferred mode of commuting. The presence of the metro would automatically increase the value of 1BHK and 2BHK in Bangalore to new heights. All the areas in the vicinity of the metro line would experience a new wave of growth. The nodal points would become exceedingly important because they would be the entry points to any part of the city.

It is expected that the property development would increase a lot more with the development of the metro. Most of this development however would be for investment purposes. This is the reason why there are a large number of buyer seeking all kinds of houses in Bangalore, whether it is 1BHK or 2BHK apartments.

To Conclude-Meeting the heightened demand
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