5 Worst Driving Habits in the U.S

Reckless driving Florida has claimed way too many innocent lives. Poor driving habits have attributed to the rising instances of road accidents. The Government on its part has actively attempted to curb the menace by imposing heavy fines and other punitive measures. It is we who have to understand that we stand to lose a lot by not adhering to driving etiquette and rules.

adasA number of driving habits can be termed as dangerous, but the 5 worst among them have been discussed here so that you steer clear of them

Not slowing down on a yellow light

You may find your adrenalin race when you beat the yellow light by pressing your foot down on the accelerator. This recklessness may seem tempting momentarily but you are risking your own life as well as those in close proximity to you. Collision with other vehicles that may be slowing down may also occur.

Not flashing the turning signal

You are changing the lane, but have not turned the signal on. The driver behind you will be caught off guard. The indecision that could creep into his mind will cause him to violently swerve his vehicle. The potential of crashing into other vehicles increases greatly. If a vehicle has been tailgating you, it would bump straight into your car. You may have to foot the repair bills. Plus, the traffic violation would earn you a Florida speeding ticket as well as escalate your insurance premium.

Overtaking other vehicles at high speed

The thrill of overtaking other vehicles on the highway is irresistible at times. The lowness of spirit that envelopes you when you find yourself cut off by others can also be dejecting. Why is to so important to yield to such temptations? It just ignites road rage that increases the risk of being involved in accidents.

Not buckling up

Deciding not to use the seat belt, child restraints or other personal protective devices that come pre-installed in your vehicle while driving, can land you in serious trouble. The aftermath of the event is never going to be cheerful.

Using the cell phone while driving

Texting or attending to calls while driving can cause you to take your eyes off the wheel for just a few seconds but this may be sufficient to cause a serious accident. A suspended license Florida may await you, but the torment that you would be subjected to on a personal level would far exceed the pain induced by fines or penalties.

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