Information about the leading attorney Jeremy Diamond

The role of personal injury lawyers is very important when a person wants to demand compensation for the accident by which he has suffered. If people in Toronto want to handle those kinds of personal injury cases with an expertise, then they can approach the law expert named Jeremy Diamond. Jeremy Diamond Lawyer Toronto is the leading personal injury lawyer who is in the field over many years. He is an expert in handling different kinds of personal injury cases.

Earlier stage of Jeremy Diamond

In 1995, Jeremy Diamond has completed Bachelor of Arts Degree at York University. In that time he was interested in psychology and later he received Juris Doctoris from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. After that he went to Osgoode Hall Law School. Once he completed the studies, he started to work for different companies in various capacities from 1996. He learned everything about the personal injury law practices and became an expert in that. After that Jeremy Diamond started his law practises and helped many people. As he achieved positive results in the cases, he was recognised as one of the leading personal injury lawyer in Toronto.

He becomes the member of many law councils such as Canadian bar Association, American Bar Association, State Bar of Florida and also the law association of Upper Canada. Likewise his familiarity and excellence became high this helped him to get more clients. Jeremy Diamond has understood the situation of the people those who are struggling financially and offers free consultation and service to them.

Services offered by Jeremy Diamond

As a personal injury lawyer, Jeremy Diamond Lawyer Toronto is offering many services to the clients and assists them in different cases. The following are the services which he provides to the people.

  • Work related injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Brain Injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Animal Bites
  • Slip and fall
  • Second opinions
  • Long term disability

People who are approaching him for these problems do not have to worry about anything because he will assure the positive results for them. Many people have got the results in their cases. Since Jeremy Diamond want to extend his service to more number of people he has started his own law firm named Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers. In that firm, many professionals are working and all of them are expertise in the law practises and particularly in the personal injury cases.

Most of the people in Toronto prefer this firm because of this reason. Whatever the problem, they are able to get assistance from the experts in the Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury lawyers. In the initial stage, the firm was working in Toronto as the base. Later Jeremy Diamond has planned and opened many regional branches in different areas like Barrie, London, Orangeville, Mississauga, Peterborough, Sudbury, and Marine of Ontario. Hence the people in those locations can also have the legal support from Jeremy Diamond as well as the other professionals in this leading law firm.