Attain An Easier Way to Verify Identity with InfoTrack’s IDfy

Verification of Identity, or VOI, is getting more and more attention as more Australian states decide to mandate the practice. Through this movement, the Australian government is protecting its citizens by preventing any fraudulent transfer of property from happening. Through the combined efforts of the government, law practitioners, and agents, they plan to reduce the risks in conveyancing transactions. Traditionally, VOI is a tedious process for both the client and the agent. Files and documents have to be scanned, photo be awkwardly taken, and involves a couple of trips to the filing room. But now you may verify identity with InfoTrack, with the help of their new VOI system IDfy.

IDfy is InfoTrack’s VOI solution in the form of an app. It provides an organized and systematical way of verifying the identity of your client at the comfort of your office. It is fast, easy, and secure. With IDfy, there will no longer be awkward moments with your clients as you can guide them throughout the process instead of moving in and out of the office fetching and collecting documents. Several key features of IDfy include:

Secure storage of records. Through IDfy, information about your client’s VOI records is kept for 7 years after verification, and is kept using ISO standards of security. This means that you and the people you give permission to are the only ones who will be able to access the records of your clients. All information coming from the servers are encrypted, adding to the security of the information stored in their servers.

Standardized process. With IDfy, you no longer have to search for documents or organize the files yourself as the process is standardized. No more misplaced documents or unnecessary waiting time for the client as the process is streamlined thanks to the automated VOI process and easy-to-understand controls.

Ability to complete VOI later. Even if your client is missing a document or two, IDfy allows you to save your identification data and finish it at a later time. This saves you the time of starting over again in case you lose the data as it is kept digitally on IDfy’s servers.

Client-friendly. Because of its easy-to-use interface, you would be able to go through the verification process face-to-face with the client. Throughout the whole process, you may be able to interact with the client as the process is all done in your smartphone, thus improving the experience for both you and the client.

Time saving and intuitive system. Since there would not be any need for document scanning, photocopying, and filing since all would be done digitally, a lot of time is saved for both the client and the agent. The system automatically tells you if the documents submitted fall within the required identification categories. With the application guiding you throughout the process, you would be done in no time.

With new technologies such as IDfy, verifying your client’s identity is simpler than ever. Through their renowned customer service and outstanding technology, you know that you are in good hands.