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Anytime a police officer takes a suspect into custody and they are no longer free to move about or walk away from the officer on their own accord, an arrest has been made. An arrest does not necessarily need to be done with any form of restraints, like handcuffs, to be official. Suspects may also go willingly into custody or

Verification of Identity, or VOI, is getting more and more attention as more Australian states decide to mandate the practice. Through this movement, the Australian government is protecting its citizens by preventing any fraudulent transfer of property from happening. Through the combined efforts of the government, law practitioners, and agents, they plan to reduce the risks in conveyancing transactions. Traditionally,

Trust deeds are created for various purposes. An individual can apply online for a trust deed by visiting websites of trust deed companies. The uses of trust deeds are: Privacy Trusts are often created for various purposes which include privacy. The terms are of a trust is often not public unlike that of a will. Extravagant funds management The purposes

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