January 2016

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The Chancellor announced changes to Stamp Duty in the 2015 Autumn Statement, these apply to anybody purchasing buy to let properties or a second home in England and Wales. The changes are effective from 1 April 2016 and fuller details are awaited from the Government. The rise in Stamp Duty comes after an announcement in July 2015 that allowable tax

Divorce is, in layman words, a break in the legal contract of marriage. When a couple fined it difficult to carry on their marital relationship, in that case, can file divorce. With the filing of divorce comes a lot of legal proceedings and consultation. A divorce lawyer has the perfect expertise to handle all these complex legal proceedings and settles

Insurance requirements for drivers vary from state to state. Most stateshave laws in place that require drivers to carry liability insurance to cover accident-related damages. In states without liability insurance laws, drivers must show proof of financial responsibility should they be involved in an accident. Financial responsibility is a demonstrated ability to pay up to a certain amount in the

Accidents happen, such being our lot in life. However, while you cannot always prevent accidents, such things carrying an implied element of unexpectedness, you can allow yourself to recuperate from any losses incurred by them. One of the ways this can be achieved is by making a personal injury claim should the accident not be your fault and particularly damaging.